The Overcomer


This daily devotional provides a viewpoint of Cheryl’s personal journey through challenges, and her actions in difficult circumstances. You will reflect on your own situation and find hope and healing as you spend time daily with God, reflecting on what His words have to say for your life. Read it and you will find a God that is real and a Father that is loving and faithful.

-Floretta Seeratta

The Overcomer serves as a bright, insightful, and deeply touching book of daily devotionals, allowing Christians to take a moment and reflect on life and faith, even in the rush of daily life. I loved every page, and you may not want to limit yourself to only one devotional at time.



After reading each devotion daily, I was able to think optimistically of my situation and struggle for that day. Working through the process, I realized that even in the Bible these struggles are mentioned, and in some cases magnified much more. I was encouraged and uplifted with the confidence that if God was with these people ages ago, and He kept his promises, why wouldn’t He do the same for me?I would consider my growth to be partly made up of daily devotions such as these portrayed in The Overcomer. As my journey continues, I can easily put my struggles into perspective and always have a reference to fall

back on. Indeed, I am reminded by each daily devotion that I am not alone in my struggles. There is hope in every verse, instruction to our need of the day, and a point of view of The Overcomer.

Alleluia!-Julie Gardier