Living On the Edge


Living on the Edge is designed to guide readers through the process of identifying themselves and their needs in order to establish their goals and God given purpose. It is also relevant for young people, who may not have discovered their own inner strength or commitment to God.

Living on the Edge is meant to inspire hope whether you are a teenager, young adult, at the top of the corporate ladder, unemployed, messed up or made wrong turns in life…we all need hope.” Living on the Edge” is a book for all seasons, a must have book, it is a book for NOW.




“ Living on the Edge initially gives the reader the impression that it is intended for today’s youth. However, as one continues to read through the life experiences of the author’s friends, family and her own experiences, this is clearly a book for all ages. This book is an inspirational lesson on never giving up, but trusting in God and learning from the lessons of others throughout history. This is an easy read and compels us to find our inner strengths in order to live the successful life God intends for us.”L. D. MAYNARD“Very few people dare to write the truth about themselves, fearing man’s judgement; but truth is the only thing that can deliver us and strengthen the brethern. I tip my hat to you Cheryl, and look forward to your next publication…perhaps “The Overcomer”


This book was great, I personally needed to read this at this time. This is a must have book for everyone, I just could not stop reading it, and finished it in a few hours after my purchase. It was that good. Buy it today do not delay, God has a word in here for you, even if you don’t believe in God this book is still applicable for all areas of your life.Anxiously awaiting the next book, maybe it will be Living Beyond The Edge.Loved it Cheryl, thank you for being obedient.