I Dare You To Dream


“I DARE YOU To DREAM” will inspire you the reader, to get back into the saddle and tame that Stallion, impacting lives as you come in contact with people. It is time you remove the scaffolds of life that retards you and stop you from moving forward and accomplishing your dream.

“I DARE YOU To DREAM” is not just for the avid reader, but it reaches out to someone who is tired of just being tired; someone who does not just want to settle as a low achiever, but to that person who wants to make a difference in life. So get up, and get moving, the world is waiting on you to ARRIVE!!!



R. MACGREGOR MOORE is a motivational speaker, a life coach and a minister of the gospel.

He is an Entrepreneur and is the President and CEO of R.C.M. Associates Inc, which is an umbrella body for his various business enterprises. In addition, R. MacGregor is a certified Real Estate Broker and is one of the first Global Marketing Agents (GMA) within the Caribbean region.

R. MacGregor Moore has the gift to motivate people and transform their way of thinking with real life stories and lessons which he himself has learned throughout his life. He derives great satisfaction in motivating people to achieve success.

As he says “I believe that people are our greatest assets.” R. MacGregor finds gratification in inspiring others to Greatness.

In his book, “I DARE YOU To DREAM”, he challenges his readers to dare to live the life they dream.


If dreams can be seen as a sneak-peak into your potential future then “I Dare you to Dream” is a road map to achieving your goals. In this book, R. MacGregor exposes you to life principles and experiences in a step by step process where he seeks to free you from the expectations of others and points you towards discovering the unique creation that you are and the beauty that is buried within. – Derrick Frederick

I Dare You To Dream is intended to encourage readers not to allow their dreams to die without fulfilling them. R. MacGregor gives examples of how others accomplished their goals and offers recommendations on how to pursue your dreams from a holistic perspective. He advocates that to pursue your goals and realise your purpose you must first start with yourself and those who have your best interest at heart. R. MacGregor consistently evokes a thought process throughout the book of finding what your purpose is in life in different ways. He advises to be purposeful, and speaks on topics like “Your Gift Will Make Room For You, The Dream Killer”. He also gives examples of his profound experiences; which all add to the exemplary way in which reading this book will encourage you to get moving beyond just existing. “I Dare you to Dream” stimulated and inspired me in different ways every time I read it. I would recommend it to anyone who is stuck in a rut, has given up on their dreams, or are at the cross roads and may need that extra push to move in the right direction. This book is highly

recommended for those who are not sure of what their purpose is, or anyone who needs encouragement to take the next step to move beyond their fears. – Mrs. Liza C. Atwell Valladares